Help promote my new film and make $ doing it!

So lets talk about what I'm NOT good at- MARKETING and PROMOTION

Since I'm lacking in those areas I need your help to promote my new film I am Nightmare-

I have an affilate program with the site I'm selling the film on-

Anyone can sign up- you'll get a a special link to share- if someone buys the film from your link you'll receive %20 of the sale sent to your paypal address

No strings attached! It takes time an energy to promote a film- I'd rather spend my time making NEW things for you all to see ^ ^ So thats why I need some help- because I suck at promotion haha

Email me at so I can get you signed up

I've got all this cool stuff to sell- help me and make some $ yourself ^ ^


  1. Hello M Dot, I have three questions. Please answer.

    1. Is there any way to buy your I am Nightmare Deluxe Edition on DVD?

    2. Will you make a Heart String Marionette + extras DVD?

    3. Have you submitted any of these films to festivals yet? I remember watching all of the crowd reactions to We Are the Strange, which I loved. That DVD release was amazing.

  2. Man just watched the commentary- you did a great job with the extras this time \,,/

    Its so great to hear insight about the story from the creator. Perhaps once you've finished promoting I M Nightmare you can do some commentary for Heart String Marionette -_^

    Perhaps some commentary from Elder god Endika as well hehe ^_-. I'd definitely throw in some bitcoin to hear that! And make him put out a new Panthelion album sooN!!

    Sorry for rambling hehe I missed the extras last time so just saying thanks!

  3. So we can share and promote on IMDB and stuff? Wherever's good?


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