IN THE FEWCHA- My next movie+my school+my first game

Now that I put out my newest movie in I AM NIGHTMARE and a new musical album with my wife in DOTTIR:  FORTRESS OF THUGITUDE in the past two weeks I can move on to my next big projects-

My next animated feature film - RELEASE 2015

I have a few feature scripts sitting around but I started outlining a new idea last week that I'm really excited about- the narrative style would be very close to I am Nightmare except much more emotionally charged-the idea sparked when I saw this story about this little Chinese boy who has been shunned because he was born with hiv- and he lives alone in the forest : (

Its also inspired by what the kids in Palestine have to go through everyday

As I become a better and more experienced storyteller- it becomes easier to take the issues I feel strongly about in the real world and weave the issues into fictional narratives and characters WITHOUT being preachy or making documentary-ish stuff

So many children go through so much pain everyday ALL over the world- I want to tell their stories- I want to create "hero" stories with them in mind-

Mythology is supposed to provide possible answers to the questions that life is asking you- that you ask yourself- is it doing that for them? 

But anyway- I won't be putting a film out this year- it will come out at the end of 2015


This year I will launch my own online film school in which I will personally teach "Cg filmmaking" I'm going to teach people how to create their own personal cinema- 

The school will be based around the Cg Filmmaking complete course which will consist of four twelve week courses-  Each week there will be a downloadable video lesson + project files and once a week students will attend a 1 hour Q&A session with me via Google Hangouts(thats what animation mentor uses now I'm basing the structure on the way they do it)

I'll also create a library of specific video tutorials for supplementary/more specific lessons not covered in depth in the regular course

I'm in the outlining phase now- but it'll have a nice design and professional interface etc- not going to rush it- going to do it right- I'm hoping to start it all up by June/July 2014

My first game- end of 2014

I've amassed a TON of learning material for Unity3d and I'm going to put myself through a self guided Unity3d school very soon so I can start the journey to create my first SIMPLE video game- its looking like my first project will be a 2d side scrolling BADASSERY game- nothing fancy as I'm a N00b in the game space- after I complete a 2d game I'll take on a simple 3d game project for which I've been preparing for some time now- once I get some decent game legs under me- I'm sure to explode with tons of crazy videogamey stuff as I have MORE ideas for games than I do for films-

Other projects I'll be putting out in 2014

- music video for Kool Skull's "Cold Pizza"
-Original Soundtrack for "Welcome to Normality"
-a new album for DottiR
-at least one new BADASSERY episode
-at least one new Darksided episode

There's a few other projects up in the air that are collabs and I need to reconnect with those peeps to see where they are at before I pencil the projects in for this year-


  1. sounds dope.

    particularly excited about the film school .. Personally I have a bunch of unrealized stories I would like to tell. This would be super duper!

  2. thought you would enjoy this.. very interesting shtuff.


  3. Holy crap. A-long is the beast. That little boy is so brave and awesome! It sucks that nobody will take him in but dang he is a survivor and thriving on top of that.

  4. Wow, dude, that would be a brilliant idea. It's quite testimonial how that little boy makes in on his own, and doesn't allow his predicament to break him, so to speak, but proceeds forth. And he's a child; we're conditioned by much entertainment media to believe that we are just cruel, selfish, dreading "animals", and would crumble in terror, but I know more people are more capable of good and reason than is given credit; there are always exceptions, and this child is one of them.
    I kept reading "Pakistan" rather than "Palestine", lol, but I know similar crap occurs there.

    I've had too many ideas in general, but most of them were to vague and not solid enough. I've had to trim A LOT of fat, especially given the time[s] now. Yes, I'm really a live-action filmmaker, but I have definitely considered animated works, I'm just not sure what aside from special effects composited in my movies.
    At this point, I'm down to ONE, ONE video game production that I'm sure & solid on, and it's a CRAZY, potentially mind-bending one that really utilizes the medium rather than it just being an interactive movie. In fact, it has to do with the interactive medium itself in a major "fourth wall" shattering fashion (the inception of this concept came in my mind before I ran across this, but have you heard of "The Soul Travelers" by Michael Wynn? Particularly where it draws parallels with the digital world and the spiritual dimension).

    As I say, one ought to go for a cinematic game rather than an interactive movie. One can see the contrast.


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