Cycles of excitement and fear

The first day I started learning Unity3d I was excited and also afraid- afraid because it was something new- something I knew very little about- something I was uncomfortable with-

Then after a few days it seemed less scary and seemed to be something I could really do-

Then after a week+ I'm like yeah I can really do this then the fear comes back again as I'm a total beginner in this field- the fear wants me to run back to what I'm comfortable doing which is making animated films...but I'm not I need to test some new waters...

I'm about halfway through the first part of my test game level-

It's nothing fancy- just a simple walkthrough with a few triggered events so I can start to practice how these things work-

Here's my hand drawn idea sheet for what I'm doing-

Now I have to add the character animation stuff- add the skybox and do the scripting before this part of the level is done- there's three more parts after this-

I've already learned a lot about how game design is different from film design- you have to take much greater care with eye lines and physical distances when designing the sets

-and things can't just look cool they have to "act" cool as well in that they have to interest the player with the interactivity or allusions they make

Also you get to fuck with peoples minds and they actually like it when games do that unlike films haha-

So I'll keep learning and moving through the fear- excitement its what gets you started on something but it usually isn't what keeps you going and helps you finish- its your will power and stubbornness that does that-

Thank you all who have supported my films through the years- I look forward to sharing my games with you- if you haven't bought it yet you can get my newest film here


  1. I love watching you work! I am finally taking further plunge into the depths of my ventures creating comics and films. I've had my own road to take but hopefully will be where you are someday. I hope this game comes out soon.
    I've been following you for such a long time and yet you still amaze and intrigue me.
    I've been pimping you on Cgtalk for sometime now as the great case study that you are and now you are going into another realm. No more can people say it can't be done. You should check out how many posts under Indie films I've made about you and yet the naysayers still exist. Boo!

    Anyways I wanted to let you know I'm on the way to getting my film in full production. Here is my Kickstarter.

    If you are interested. If not that is cool. You've done more for me than you'd ever know.


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