Mysterious Doll Studios Update 3-26-14

I've learned more than I thought I would in a few weeks in regard to Unity 3d and game development thanks to all the easy to use tools and great tutorials out there- so I'm like to I start a real game now or more learning exercises?

I've learned enough game design basics so that I can now make a real fps game- I even know how to do boss fights now ^_^ BUT before I jump into a real project I have to learn how to do a game with a third person character and get a better understanding of the Mecanim system in Unity- so thats what I'm doing today-

I tried bringing my rig that I use for all my characters into Unity but it doesn't like them so I need a new skeleton setup/rig- as I was doing some research I found that that the mocap site Mixamo rigs/skins your characters for free! If their under 10,000 polys- I tried it last night and it works great- it makes a skeleton that is %100 compatible with Unity's humanoid rig and mocap use-

So if you have a character you need a skinned skeleton for go to Mixamo- register for free- upload your model as an OBJ and go through the wizard- export it as an fbx or dae and there you go! You can then use your rigged model in the 3d program of your choice-

It doesn't add any controllers to the rig though so you'll have to add those yourself- if you're going to use it for mocap/mecanim in Unity you don't need any controllers- Mixamo has some free scripts that add controllers for Maya/Max

Seeing that game engines have poly/drawcall limits I've had to learn about that too- from what I was able to learn you want to stay between these numbers....

For Mobile games: 300 - 1500 polys
For Desktop games: 1500 - 4000 polys

And have as few materials as possible on your characters-

Another positive about the Mixamo rig is that its compatible with Unity's humanoid rig- why is this important? If it is compatible then you can easily apply mocap to it in Unity- I've only done keyframe animation in my films to date BUT for game development I'm looking into using mocap for biped human characters- I'll hand animate the monsters and robots and stylized stuff

It just good to have the option by using a compatible skeleton....

I needed a new skeleton/rig for my Strange Film School tutorials/curriculum as well so now I have it ^_^

I use Cactus Dan's tools for my characters BUT I'm not going to force people that enroll in my school to use any third party plugins so I'll be making a rig that works without any plugins-

More good news on the film school front is that the awesome site that I'm using to sell my newest film I AM NIGHTMARE is now open to the public AND they allow you to sell all types of videos including educational videos so that's what I'll be using to sell/host my film school video's

I'll have Strange Film School up and running by June 1st 2014...

When I was speaking at this event in LA last month... people were literally trying to sign up for my school RIGHT THERE- like they wanted to pay for it right then! So I know if I want to do something to help others achieve their dreams and create a sustainable business for myself a cg film school it is-

So with my school I'm going to take EVERYTHING I know and turn it into video tutorial form and make it available at my school which will now include an INTRO to making video games with Unity3d ^_^

My school will also have a bunch of inspirational/motivational/project organization vids- the sort of stuff that is essential to getting projects going and completed that doesn't have much to do with technical abilities-

So I'm learning more game dev stuff for now- then when I'm ready to make a real game and not a joke like Robots Are Dicks I'll stop that and get my school setup- then make a real game- then see what the options are for 2015 as to whether I have enough money to make a film or not- or maybe I'll be so in love with game dev I'll keep doing that? I don't know- I just have to keep moving forward- learning and trying new things- trying to make it so my small biz can make a profit for once haha

Oh yeh also going to do another DOTTIR album- some people requested more metal- so expect more metal in the next release!

But for now back to learning Game Dev!

Remember the only thing that can stop you is you! We all have different roadblocks whether internal or external- but with the right amount of patience, desire and willpower we can get past anything!

Quitting is a decision that we have to make- and you only quit when you never go back- we all get bummed out about our failures now and then- I know I do- but as long as we're alive there's always a chance to succeed- no matter how many times you've failed if there's still a CHANCE for success you've got to do your best to reach it!


  1. any chance you can post links to the tutorials you used? I am actually considering learning some game design . and I trust your advise.


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