Robots are Dicks: Release and what I learned

So you can now go download and screw around with my second game project "Robots are Dicks" get it here for Win/Mac/Linux

I learned a ton with this project!

I've found the best way to learn is out of necessity- want to learn how to make films? Well then make films! Want to learn how to make games? Well then make games!

I learned so many things I can't write them all down but I'll list a few of the big ones...

With this project I learned how to use basic enemy AI using the awesome and FREE Rain AI- it was SO much easier than I expected 0_0 There are AMAZING tools out there for game development!

So I was able to create NPC's that patrol a defined route- then when the player gets within a certain distance they chase the player and fire at them- once the player is out of range they go back to their route- I was so stoked to get this working ^_^

Enemy AI was the big thing  I wanted to learn with this project- I also learned how to create enemy and player behaviors for taking damage or taunting-

The gameplay is pretty broken in this thang though- I'll focus on the gameplay stuff after I learn more of the technical basics with some more projects under my belt-

The main reason I was able to get all this stuff working was due to me using the Visual scripting suite Playmaker which was recommended to me by a few people so thank you for your recommendations!

These first "games" I'm doing aren't like real games- they are just excuses for me to learn new stuff- I have a checklist of things I need to learn so that I can make a serious game AS I know there's people waiting for me to to make a serious horror/strange game- and I will once I have the skills-

When we first start out on something we usually make a lot of crap- its much easier to make a bunch of joke projects first until you get your skills up- trying to make a serious film or game before you have the skills is really tough as the poor skills get in the way of the seriousness- and they sort of end up being a joke anyway ^_^

So gimmie 9 months to a year of doing game projects and then I'll make a serious game with the intention of blowing minds ^_^

Its really fun to be a noob again- SO MUCH TO LEARN 0_0 MUCH EXCITEMENT


  1. I'll be looking forward to see what you do with interactive narrative.


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