Thoughts after my first week learning Unity3d

So I've gone through about 25-30 hours of tutorials for Unity3d- I'm at a point now where I can create my first test level- as I know how to design/create everything, use basic scripts to trigger events like opening/closing doors, playing triggered sounds or animations and a few other little things- I'm really exciting about the little things I've learned though haha-

I was originally going to start on a 2d sidescroller based on my Badassery series BUT after learning more about Unity and seeing the depth of the application I need to start with something simpler- and of course do many tests before trying to make an actual game-

I watched a documentary about Walt Disney last year where he commented on the reason he opened Disneyland- he did it so the theme parks would be extensions of the movies- so an experience based on the films- Since I can't create a real theme park I want to use gaming to create my own theme parks-

When people contact me and ask me to make games I think they're saying "I want to explore the worlds you create" So thats my main reason for getting into this-

My first virtual theme park attraction will be a haunted house/woods attraction ^_^ At last thats what I'm planning it to be- it'll be a first person walkthrough of a strange and creepy place

I'm getting started on it now- expect a playable version as soon as its ready!


  1. Hey Mdot did you ever play that game "Slender"? its a lot like what youre describing.
    no REAL objective, just find some notes laying around in the woods, explore in a creepy as hell environment, take it all in... don't run into slenderman.
    As simple as that game is it was still given crazy praise and chet.
    Just sayin, that game WASNT created by the legendary M dot Strange. ;)


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