Beginning 3d game design with Unity3d without scripting

So I'm about a month into learning how to make games with Unity3d- I made a few first person test projects that are unfinished, broken and horrible- you can find one here 

Now to further my learning I'm working on a third person 3d game- I hope this one gets finished and is less broken and horrible.

I wanted to share the tools I'm using to develop games without having to know how to script-

Playmaker $95 an awesome visual scripting tool that uses state machines, you can make entire games with this without wriitng a line of code- So THIS is what allows non coders to be game developers today- its really fun once you start using it

Free video tutorials to learn how to use it

Rain AI FREE I never thought I'd be able to have enemies with AI in my projects BUT with this awesome ai tool I do- in a few minutes you can have your enemies patrol an area-pursue the player when they get too close and trigger melee attacks when their super close and then return to patrolling or searching for the player- you'd be amazed how easy it is!

Free video tutorials to learn how to use it

Motion Controller $65  If you have a rigged character conformed to Unity's humanoid rig then this will help you have your character running around controlled by the player with walk,  run, jump, climb, and creep animations + more ALREADY SET UP AND WORKING

I had some questions on how to add my own animations and the developer wrote up a new guide on how to do it and sent me a link which I used to add new animations

Adventure Camera $35 This is made by the same developer as the Motion Controller- add this to your scene and now you have a camera rig following your player like any 3rd person game

The book I'm using as my base learning is The Art of Game Design by Jesse Schell- when I first got it I was a little discouraged as it didn't have any technical information in it but now I understand that creating good games has less to do with technical things and this book is a great guide to help understand how to make games of all types-

I made pdf versions of the Risk Assessment/Prototype sheets he demonstrates in the book if anyone wants them you can get it here

Being a cg animated filmmaker I'm well versed in everything that involves creating and animating 3d assets BUT modeling/rigging/skinning isn't really much fun for me anymore so I found a suite trick to avoid it for this new project-

If you have a humanoid character with less than 10,000 polys you want to use in Unity that you need rigged/skinned than go register at and upload your mesh there and use their auto-rigger- download the "Unity fbx" version and now you have a character model all set up to be animated in Unity-

If you take that character and apply the "Motion Controller" asset to it- now its all animated to be controlled by the player in your game-

I'm using the stock walks/runs for my game but created my own idle and my own custom attack animations etc

So hope some of that stuff helps someone!


  1. Have you checked out Real Engine 4? Has some great rendering and can almost do it with no programming.


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