Bite off more than you can chew- and chew

I just finished the script/outline for my first serious game that I've been doing the prelim designs/concepts for the past 2 weeks and I have definitely bitten off more than I can chew right now-

When I have some better looking concept art done and/or the main character model done I'll make a post with details about the project- right now its a movie/game script and about 20 pages of notes/drawings in my sketchbook

I'm going to go all out like you know I do and shoot for a release date of Xmas 2015 for the game-

I know how to perform most all of the game mechanics required to make the game a reality but there's a few things I have no idea how to do ^_^

Which means I'll have to learn! I don't know if there's anything better than the feeling of learning something new- pushing your boundaries- biting off more than you can chew helps you grow and learn.... or fail miserably.

The game has 11 levels and I'll have to create/program 20-30 enemy types and 8-10 bosses as well as numerous weapons for the main character + tons of other shit

I grew up playing the NES and I was lucky enough to play most all of those classic games as a kid- the first animation I ever did was my attempt at trying to copy the cinematics from the NES version of Ninja Gaiden- BUT for some reason game development never really crossed my mind until the past few years- I just had it in my head that since I wasn't a programmer that I couldn't ever make video games-

I've been really checkin out the indie gaming scene the past few months to see whats out there and what isn't and I feel like I can make a big splash with my original worlds and characters in the gaming scene if I do it right- aren't you interested to see what I can do with a video game I spend a year or two on? I know I am ^_^

So this thing I'm doing is %100 original- my own world, my own characters, my own mythology- it'll pretty much be like a playable version of one of my animated films- as far as the controls go- I'm modeling the player controls off of Megaman Legends so it'll 3rd person-

I wrote in cinematic's for the intro and between each level and at the end- I approached them as if I was writing one of my movies with the gameplay taking the place of the action parts of the script like this- I'd estimate it'll probably have 10-30 minutes of fully animated cinematics- maybe more if I get crazy ^_^

Besides the game I started recording the video tutorials for Strange Film School- I'm starting with a Cinema 4d basics course- speaking of that I need some tutorial testers so if you have ZERO to little Cinema 4d experience and want to learn AND want to help me make these tutorials the best they can be- email me at and I'll give you access to what I have so far so you can let me know what's missing/what's confusing etc so I can make sure they are the best they can be- thanks!

BTW if you're an experienced Unity3d game dev person or just started like me and want to help each other feel free to add me on skype- my id is mdotstrange - I joined a little game dev meetup here in San Jose I'll be going to next week- there's a big one in San Francisco I'm going to try to get to next month as well-

I operated like a shut in with my film career and I saw how that ended up haha so I'm going to do things differently with my new game dev career- I'm a social person so I don't know why I became so withdrawn making films the past ten years? Maybe it comes with the territory of spending night after night alone working on a computer with no time for much of anything else?

Also if there's any way I could help any of you with your projects or dreams just email me and let me know and if I can I will- ALSO if I'm supposed to do your soundtrack- don't worry I haven't forgotten Tim ^_^


  1. Game sounds like it is going to be awesome :)
    I'm excited about new film school videos. I was pretty terrible and slack last time I tried to learn Cinema 4D but I think I have gotten slightly better with that... Slightly.
    I am constantly giving myself so many projects, I just keep getting lost and don't know which road to take, but hopefully I will be able to complete some shit while I have a couple weeks off work.
    Also pretty excited to see WtN when it is done.
    Future is looking good.

  2. You're awesome bro.
    And im glad this isn't til Dec 2015... gives me enough time to get my new pc. The one I have now can barely play Dicks Will Fall on Your Head.
    Keep us non-tweeters in the loop about your film school too! (by us im pretty sure I mean just me) im excited for it, and its all Dash can seem to talk about too. Stay gold.

  3. please let me translate.



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