The lessons I learned from non human entities

From when I was a young child until when I was in my late teens I experienced what are usually referred to as an "alien abduction" experiences-  I had several experiences- probably 20-50 of this type throughout those ages-

I'm not sure what/who the beings were- I'll just call them non human entities because all I really know is they were not humans as we know them to be now-

Well anyway- in the majority of these experiences I would be asleep and wake up unable to move as I was already surrounded by these beings and/or they were floating through the walls into my room- in the experiences I was always put in this frozen state- then I was taken out of the room into different places-

The first 10, 20, 30 times I had these experiences the terror I experienced was overwhelming- some things that were supposedly not real doing this to you night after night and no one can help you- you truly feel alone and helpless- you try to scream or move but you can't do either-

I've had several "out of body" experiences but these were different as most of these beings had large heads and large black eyes and were clearly sentient beings with some sort of agenda/method behind what they were doing- I've read/researched most all the different theories behind these experiences but I'm not going to try and pretend I really know what was going on-

As I was terrified at first I would fight and resist as hard I as I could to regain control of my body and move- it seemed like the more I fought the less power I had to move and the more powerless I was-

Over time I learned to control the fear I felt and I learned that instead of letting it take control of me in that frozen state- I stopped resisting- when I did that- when I stopped fighting it and pushing my energy outwards I felt it move back towards the center of my body- I felt it traveling back through my extremities and back into the core of my body and once it did I could move again-

Once I was able to do this- the entities took noticed and seemed terrified- they always left instantly when this happened- the last time it happened one was floating through a wall into my room and when I regained control of my body it quickly turned and looked at me and reversed direction- that was one the last real experiences I had with those beings whatever they were- the only other one after that took place because I traveled to Dulce, New Mexico to check something out-

The big lesson I learned was that as long as fear can control you- you will be controlled by something or someone at some point- to fear is to give energy to the thing you fear- stop feeding it your energy and then you will be able to do something to eventually defeat the fear-until then you're just frozen and helpless-

Being out of your physical body taught me that some other place exists beyond/behind this physical realm- to me its the place thats dark but you can still see- but there is no light or shadow- I've been to these realms several times without using any drugs/herbs etc

The biggest fear that drives religion is the fear of death- if you see that there IS something else behind this place your fear of death gets weaker- which helps you escape the control of institutions whose main purpose is to ease a persons fear of death in exchange for their freedom-

Since I've experienced things in physical reality as well in another realm that are supposedly "not real" and I know for a FACT that some of these "not real" things are real- it taught me that what most people accept as "reality" is a total lie- so why should I waste my time in this world with that lie? I shouldn't!

Its like being an NPC in a game then realizing that you are in a game and acting accordingly- why should you follow the rules once you know the truth?

There's this awesome quote from Aleister Crowley I always loved

Awake from dream, the truth is known: awake from waking. The truth is: The Unknown

Everyday we awake from a dream and we know the truth- who we are in this world- what our name is- what the world tells us we are supposed to do and be- and that makes a lot of people comfortable- comfort in the known-

So if you awake from waking and realize this world is a lie- nothing is known- you have to figure it out for yourself and/or make it up- it is the great unknown- who/what are you and why did you come here?

I think its good to accept/embrace the unknown- it allows you for some freedoms-

Every day I wake up it feels like a new dream I'm having- I know it will end the next time I go to sleep and I'll have awake into another dream wherein anything can happen-

The real me- whoever that is lives through this experience no matter what- its just about collecting experience while you are here- the more/varied the better-

I imagine this place to be a procedural amusement park experience we wanted to come to and experience- so why not do something you'll be proud to share once its all over? Why not be someone you are proud to be?

I just wanted to share some things I learned from some "unreal" experiences- maybe that will help someone else out there awake from waking?