The Strange School

I've been meaning to create some proper tutorial/educational videos for some time now- I've created tons of tutorials over the years which I threw up on youtube but they were all done really quickly and were not polished at all- thats all changed with the Strange School which I launched today.

Over the years I've been doing freelance work, trading crypto and selling my films to make money- I don't like doing the freelance gigs because of the time and energy they take and I don't like selling my films because it doesn't feel right to try and sell things I created as my art, and trading crypto makes me too nervous haha

Now all my films and music are free as they should be- and I hope the Strange School will make enough money so I don't have to take freelance jobs so I can spend more time on my art- making games, and film/animation stuff-

If I were to have made these Strange School tutorials free they would have sucked because I would have been all lazy about them haha BUT since I designed them as a product to sell I worked really hard to make them awesome. 

So if you are interested in making video games or know someone that might be please send them to

Thank you and I will do my best to continue to create unique things with passion.

My nephew and I at a hot dog stand in Reykjavik Summer 2015


  1. Will you make 3d modeling and 3d animation tutorials one day? To be honest if you did I would buy them. I feel that your reputation as a filmaker is stronger than your reputation as a video game creator, and your brand would really carry a 3d modeling/ 3d animation course. Do you ever plan to release one? I still plan to buy the udemy version of your course as soon as I save up enough money, but a 3d modeling/3d animation course would create another item on my wishlist. Just saying.


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