Back on the blog....

Hello there- I'm back to this old blog with its annoying layout as I grew tired of what little exposure I had to social networking sites- the only one of "those things" I was using was Twitter- - I logged out of it the other day never to return so I'm back here-

I've been playing around with Akasha and MaidSafe as blogging/social platforms though- they are very promising and I look forward to using them more-

I was using Discord for a little while as well but just like those social networking sites I felt it taking my focus away so I stopped using it as well-

I just finished the third music video I've done for my wife- you can see it here

I made the video in 3 days using Unity and some stuff from the Unity asset store- if you want to make your own here are the assets I used
Animal Adventure Pack 
Toon Foxy Girl
Simple Military
Low Poly Landscapes

So the video took 3 days and had a budget of $80- that's the cost of the assets-

I'm using Unity everyday for my big secret game project I'm CLOSE to unleashing ^_^ My next project is something for Endika- the composer of  "Heart String Marionette"- me and that guy have an interesting past together haha- we've been through some stuff YET never wavered in our cores about what we are here to do so we will continue working together-

So I'm going to make an interactive webgl musical experience using the music he wrote for Heart String Marionette- I'm going to build it in Unity and you'll be able to experience it through a web browser- In it you'll go to a place using a FPS controller and the music will play and stuff will happen- not too sure what I'm going to do to be honest but I start on it Friday and gave myself about 2 weeks on it-

I've learned to code since I last frequented this blog and my Unity skills are getting good BUT you'll just have to see the proof in my next game- I'm just a beginner at programming BUT I love it- I'm buying a ton of books on it and am dedicated to learning-

Here's a little video I did the other day about making custom scripts for Playmaker and Behavior Designer

Its so weird as I was on this filmmaking/animating thing for so long I NEVER thought I'd enjoy coding but it was a nice surprise to myself-

I imagine I'll be creating my own small applications in 2-3 years after I found the C# libraries people have made for Bitcoin and Ethereum 0_0 BUT I'm %100 committed to game dev right now and making the best game I can with my un-named game-

Like I've always done- I'm sharing as I learn stuff- here's my github repos with a bunch of Playmaker/Behavior Designer custom scripts mdotAtGitHub

I'll write on here often- just wanted to get on here and start it up again-

Thanks for reading and best to you my friends,


  1. Good to read your blog again! Love the video and the news update. I'll post it on the Renderosity Magazine site.

  2. Welcome back! So glad to read you, this has brightened my day.

  3. Hi mdot. I used to read your blog every day when I was 13 and 14. I turn 21 next week and I just wanted to let you know that your writings have had a profound impact on my perspective. I am glad to see you writing again. I'm a little late to the game, as I see you came back over a month ago, but I'm glad to have you writing again. Keep up the good work.


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