Thoughts on workflow...

MadhouSe ftw

From the past...

On technique and preparation

Damn I need Dis RAM

The first feature film in 720p on youtube is We are the Strange ^ ^

The rituaL

Multimedia MagicK

And yeh it gets worse...

The true fiLM.

Badr Hari is the besT.

Ugh memory problems...need some advice...

Just a note ^ ^

Building a world...

I can haZ never meet defeaT!!!

Characters that never diE

Them Days...

C4dcafe tutorial guide

Thinking too much...


Animatic version 1.6

Pwned by lyFE

Just when you think you know (geek post)

Wait....wait...I make films?

Thanks to yoU

Suggestions not explicit details

Why we do what we dO

Testing my own principles...

OLD system thinking makes meh ANGRY

Advocate yes Procrastinate NO

My four new best friends

M dot's mini render farm choice for September 2008

Filmbaby ftw!

Now your playing wiF PoweR ^ ^

Some WATS numbers


Creating and Being...Living and DyinG

A book oh yeh

Samurai/Ninja film galore

Fitting Zbrush in the pipeline


HyphY and realitY

Thoughts on workflow 9-9-08

The struggLE in three dimensionS or is it four?

Automated call center advice

I didn't think I was cool enougH

For you one man armY types out there...

Bruno 9Li

Production Notes 8-27-08

Aggregated feedZ

End of geek weekend....

Goodnight Vista cause its time to go...

Makes no sense but........

Nvidia/Vista64 driver MADNESS

Its NOT glamorous

%10 of the budget of my new film is from youtube!

Rabbit Junk "Black" Promo by M dot Strange

Hardware/Software test "Rabbit Junk" Promo

Making low poly freaks in Cinema 4d 11

Render farm in a box ^ ^