For you one man armY types out there...

Bruno 9Li

Production Notes 8-27-08

Aggregated feedZ

End of geek weekend....

Goodnight Vista cause its time to go...

Makes no sense but........

Nvidia/Vista64 driver MADNESS

Its NOT glamorous

%10 of the budget of my new film is from youtube!

Rabbit Junk "Black" Promo by M dot Strange

Hardware/Software test "Rabbit Junk" Promo

Making low poly freaks in Cinema 4d 11

Render farm in a box ^ ^

Time for a tesT!

The other side of M machine

Bokeh in After Effects

Design Phase 1: Complete

Xrefs in microstudio production

Cinema 4d 11 tested ^ ^

Hell M0Phucin YES!!! C4d 11!!!

Build an M dot MAchine ^ ^

Power...not to be ABUSED.

Design Phase

Things where they should BE!

What I learned today....


Wow my blogS getting CraZY geeK

To FLASH or not too FLASH?!

BlAAAARRGH the pain of it aLL

Open GL lagging....