OLD system thinking makes meh ANGRY

So I'm Bratislava for this festival and just now some American video artist d00d from the 1960's was lecturing... well he was really just showing other peoples videos and sitting in a chair making high art commentary (cough)... BUT then at the end the festival organizer asked if he could copy the guys videos from the DVD the guy was playing... Some video art DVD put out by some New York city gallery or some shit... it was all meh... BUT the guy was all "No I can't allow you to copy the other artists videos without paying... its illegal to copy that" And every 5 minutes you would stop his lecture and say "Your sure your not copying it right because I can't let you do thaT" Now the guy was already talking about how the videos play in these art galleries and that they are not online... So that told me that this old fool is living in the past and no real people see this shit... So I had enough... So this guy was all uppity cause he thinks he's some great video artist and he's in some foreign country... little did he know that I was an American... So after he asks the organizer guy for the third time if he was copying the videos I ripped into him ^ ^