And may the truth cause they END

So a few days ago a new Hollywood movie "X-men origins" was leaked onto the torrent here

I myself am a very active like torrentY person btw ^ ^ but I didn't download that cause I knew it would be CRAP...

But anyway I have a point... Over the past years I studied modern film marketing a bit... and I remember one phrase in particular by the man who designed the marketing paradigm that Hollywood still uses... the phrase it is based on is something like this

"With enough money you can lie to all the people all the time"

So you may have figured out through time that MOST ALL Hollywood films are hollow derivative consumer whorING garbage these days... NOW why do people keep spending they money to see them? BECAUSE they believe the HYPE... the FAKE QUOTES, the PAID OFF reviews, the hyper hyperbolized trailers and commercials... people buy into it time and time they forget they were lied to before BUT thats another ranT....

So the Hollywood system is all based around spending TONS of MONEY to LIE just to make a big opening weekend... THEN once people have seen that it is crap they will tell others and people will stop going to see it...

NOW these torrent leaks BREAK they system because if you know the truth...that the film is crap ahead of time you won't go see it.... SO I SAY LEAK THEM ALL hahaha and let the Hollywood system and its boardrooms full of bloated ignorant executives DIE a slow painful death LULZ for years to come!!!!!

They only have two options.... DIE or actually make good films... they are too far gone to change they ways and make good meaningful, passionate, innovative, creative and truthful films so they will DIE.

This makes me HAPPY ^ ^