Helpful 3d character animation e-books

Since I never went to school for animation or took any classes or anything I'm always scouring the internets for useful learning materials... its actually really tough to find free in depth useful learning materials when it comes to 3d character animation... yeah there's tutorials here and there about HOW to set keyframes BUT not much at all about the important things like workflow... the process... when to do what? In what order?! These two free pdf's put out my Animation Mentor have been pretty handy... theres a tip in there about doing the first pass of your scene with the characters legs turned off... I tried it on this scene yesterday where this swordsman runs in and tries to cut someone in half and it worked great... You can get part1 here and part2

Part 1 is almost all information... most of part 2 is like an ad trying to get you to enroll in they school... which I'm sure is great but poor folk like uS can't afford that AND if you TRULY HAVE THE DESIRE you will just animate all the time and bang away and get good on your own ^ ^

NOW of course I'm going to do my best to put out TONS of free 3d character animation learning material when the film is ready for release where I'll actually record myself animating shots from the film so you'll be able to see exactly how I do everything... AND I want to know what you want to learn so let me know in the comments different things you want me to include when I release all that stuff... It can be about anything having to do with making a 3d animated film so let me know!

AND thanks to everyone who has been "helping out" on dis blog ^ ^It really helps ^ ^