Tis who you know or who you BLOW to teh OScars we go!

So to start dis storY....my sister worked in "Hollywood" for like 15 years... She was a location manager/assistant and scout on a bunch of films... she worked with Tim Burton, Ridley Scott and a bunch of other directors in the 80's - 90's... She said Divine almost broke her jeep when she had to give him a ride to the set on "Lust in the dust" haha...

I remember her telling me this story about this movie she was working on... she said the director had no idea how to direct or what she was doing... she told me the DP really directed the film and the director even asked her, a location scout how to set up a certain driveway shot which my sister told her how?! She also told me that everyone on the crew knew that this woman only got the job because she was the girlfriend to this bigshot director who would visit the set in his Ferrarri or some shet.... and my sister would yell at him and tell him to move it cause she didn't give a fawk ^ ^

Have you figured it out yet? The movie was "Pointbreak" the guy in the Ferrarri was James Cameron and the woman was "BEST DIRECTOR" Kathryn Bigelow hahaha

NOW if you don't know you might be wondering HOW this can be?! Well shit goes in like this all the time and no one speaks the truth out of fear of being "Blacklisted" As long as they want to be in the business they have to keep they mouth shut... and they do... hence the blackmailing... the "favors" to get jobs and all that nasty SHET...

I lived in LA for a few years with my sister and learned enough about the "business" from the inside to know that it was not for me... cause I don't know anybody and I sure as hell don't want to blow them! ^ ^

They make up awards and pat each other on they back in they little fantasy circleS... BUT the REAL filmmakers will not come from they ranks... they will rise up through the chaos of the internet....  to survive they have to be strong... they can camwhore, name drop and blow who ever they want but thats not going to help them in the new internet land of filmmaking.... ok back to WORK for me!