Going against my nature?

The old M dot Strange would have had a trailer out 2 months ago... as well as a bunch of other stuff for the new film as I kinda always went along with the natural flow... project ready--> put it out... because I always believed that my hard work would pay off in the end but now I'm having to hold things up for business reasons... My end goal was never "to make money" so I didn't follow any "smart business" strategies when releasing stuff... I mean like I've put out like 19 musical albums or something and only made one available for sale... So recently I thought oh I'll make like an album filled with my best tracks of all time and sell it... and I'm trying to do that on createspace but the uploader thing has rejected it twice and it takes 5 days to let me know each time 0_o So I keep trying....
Collage of the old dayZ from inside the Cd "Strange beats Strange Rhymes Strange Times"
So forgive me if I continually wrestle with myself here... MUST PUT THINGS OUT!!! what??! OH MUST HOLD THINGS UP UNTIL HAVE SOMETHING TO SELL!!!

It's probably more difficult for me that it is for you... because you have NO IDEA of the madness I'm holding back that is this film... but I do : ( and I'm like I WANT TO SHOW THE PEOPLE THE MADNESS! The mayhem! The splendor! YUGEN!

BUT I have to wait till I can sell you a poster or a book or something because this IS my job... I tend to forget that 0_o OH YEH it's my job so I better make money with it... BUT something GOOD that came out of this delay is that I wrote the book... I was ONLY able to do that because I held the promo release back... but NOW I have to WAIT until I lay the book out and finish that too 0_0

It's like I was in so much of a hurry with WATS I left work before getting my paycheck and never went back to pick it up haha...so this time I'm going to wait for the check because it is my job ^ ^

AND soon it will be my job to be the SALESMAN and sell posters and dvd's and all that like this shiny one here ^ ^

 We Are the Strange
 We Are the Strange

WELL at least I don't have to lie when I sell my stuff because I GO ALL OUT and I believe in the products EVEN if the guy who makes em is sort of a weirdO