My favorite LIVING artists

Kentaro Miura: Creator of BERSERK
BERSERK: A modern day EPIC... the art, story...EVERYTHING and Miura's work ethic is second to none. I can't say enough about Berserk except that if you don't like it we can't be friends ^ ^

Yukito Kishiro: Creator of Battle Angel and Battle Angel: Last Order

BATTLE ANGEL was a cyberpunk classic that spawned a million ripoff's... and BATTLE ANGEL: LAST ORDER is AMAZING! Another EPIC... the art, story..EVERYTHING... as a fan of both Kishiro and Miura it almost seems to me like they are trying to outdo each other with how awesome, insane and all encompassing their respective manga's can be... I mean they explain like EXISTENCE in these manga's 0_0 and I base a lot of my life on them 0_0

Anderson Silva: Creator of a modern martial arts legend
He really is a martial ARTIST... he's not just a fighter....if you watch him closely you can see that he is a great ARTIST and I admire him as such. He's also a great performer... I watch his fights over and over...

The Brothers Quay: Creators of many spellbinding animated short films
Outside of the animation community they are not so widely known and when regular people see they stuff they go "THEY COPIED THE TOOL VIDEOS" Ignorant to the fact that the popular Tool videos ripped off the Brothers Quay style...  whenever I watch their films or see them interviewed it reminds why I do what I do... they are true ARTISTS, not some fame seeking hacks trying to climb the showbiz ladder with chatty animated crap fueled by toilet humor. I have yet to see ANY animation that contains the same MAGICK that their animated films contain.