Catching up with dot M

Recently discovered the films of Konstantin Lopushansky  - I watched all the ones I could find-since demonoid is dead and the bay didn't have much I got em on His films are SO DARK, metaphysical and awesome- My fav was The Ugly Swans check it out here!

Steven Pressfield- the author of the must have book THE WAR OF ART dropped a new book to knock off the cobwebs and get you chasing your dreams- its called TURNING PRO - I read it last night and it got me out of the muck and back towards the moonlight ^ ^

Scrapping God Lives Underwater as my next film- tore it to shreds, using some of its shreds and some other things to craft an all new idea/script this week- no title yet-

Have decided to turn my sci-fi screenplay into a novel - as well as my erotic horror script into a novel as well- I've never tried to express my ideas in the form of a novel so I'm going to go for it and put them out-

So lots of change- lots of movement- the gears are turning underneath my skin making my hands twitch with syncopated anticipation- moving towards a new behemoth to unearth- what will it be? I'm not sure but I've got to keep working-

I haven't been on the internets much so my apologies if I haven't replied to your communication yet or mailed your parcel- I've been outside thinking- but I'll be back inside to work and answer you soon!
Why so serious? M doTs? I'm THEEEEENKING!!!!