I AM NIGHTMARE production diary #1

As I'm getting closer to starting animation on the film I figured I should start the production diary.

I have broken the 101 page script into nine 10-12 page segments that I treat as individual sequences to be produced separately. I'm treating the film as if it were nine short films.

I just finished storyboarding the first 11 page sequence- this sequence is 195 shots.

Here's a look at some of my crappy storyboards that I promise will be epic when animated and all that ^_^

My plan is to do one sequence a month- so I'll be able to finish animation in 9 months.

Sequence 1 is 195 shots- so to complete that in a month I'll need to animate 7 shots per day- entirely doable given my past output- I really want to finish by the end of the year so I'll shoot for a quota of 10 shots a day for the entire production.

Right now the voice actors are recording their lines- as soon as I get those back I will start animating- their due date is the second week of February- I probably will start animating shots that don't have any dialog in them this week to get a jump on things.

I try to keep everything as streamlined and organized as possible so that during production the only struggle is between me and that quota- I need to at least keep up with the quota but I will do my best to surpass it everyday.

Based on the number of shots in this first sequence the entire film should be 1800 - 2000 shots. That may seem scary BUT when you break it down to just 7-10 shots a day its no big deal ^_^

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