Profound or Popcorn?

In my opinion a filmmaker can attempt to make two different types of films-

A PROFOUND film that speaks to people on multiple levels or moves them beyond their reptilian brain

A POPCORN film that seeks only to entertain and speak directly to the reptilian brain

Whenever I go on a search for new(old) films to watch I come across and skip past the multitudes of POPCORN films- empty calories, forgotten passionless films with no memorable scenes or moments- then their are those rare PROFOUND films that offer something MORE and those are the ones I seek out... the films of Kubrick, Lynch, Cronenberg, Tsukamoto for example have something more than most others and they seem to be eternally interesting... (There's many more interesting directors whose films I love, these are just a few more well known examples)

The POPCORN films usually address the language, trends, mainstream music etc of the times they were made so when you see them they seem outdated, out of touch and just bad...

PROFOUND films are more universal and timeless as they use an entirely different language... they use cutting edge/obscure music, references etc so they never seem dated or tired or cliche....

POPCORN films provide instant gratification to cinematic junk food hungry content consumers... those deeper PROFOUND films confound the content consumer- if a films plot or anything within take longer than 3 minutes to comprehend the popcorn eater spits it out...

There are FAR MORE popcorn film fans then there are profound film fans... making films for the popcorn crowd is MUCH more lucrative BUT if you are interested in filmmaking for reasons beyond making a buck then you need to aim for the PROFOUND.

Do you want your film to be a forgotten piece of cinematic tchotchke? Or something film fans of the future will cherish like a piece of gold amongst the corny pieces of painted aluminum foil that we're called "films" in their day?