I AM NIGHTMARE Production Diary #5

So as you can see with the above checklist all the walk-cycles done. It got a little mind numbing toward the end but I'm glad their finished and by having them all pre-made it'll save me a lot of time in production. So the way it works is like this- if I ever need a character to walk or run in a shot- I just load the motion clip for that animation- I store the motion clips at the root of my project directory

I even made special motion clips for when characters need to walk/run while carrying objects like so

Marie carries a bundle of sammiches
If you don't create the motion clips with the extra objects in the hierarchy it can turn into a nightmare- it is possible to add extra objects into an already created motion clip but its much easier to just plan ahead.

The film's soundtrack is really coming together as well- I've created twelve new songs for it that I'm really happy with and my homie Dash who is collaborating with me on it just keeps making awesome stuff for it as well ^_^ Here's the tracks I've made for the soundtrack so far

Once I get to sort through all the tracks Dash has sent me- and do some prelim mixes of the stuff I've made - I'm going to send the Soundtrack in progress to the people that have pre-ordered I am Nightmare- so if you pre-ordered you'll be getting this music soon! Along with some other goodies I'm sure ^_^

I got the first batch of voice acting takes from one of voice actors and they are AMAZING! I'll be organizing/editing them soon so I can began animating to them. The three main voice actors in the film have their hands full though- between the three they are doing twelve characters!

I'll do write-ups of all the voice actors once the voice acting is complete so you can meet the awesome peeps behind the new characters ^_^

After making two animated features by myself before this one- I feel like I finally know how to work the right way- and if you work the right way you can work fast- and when it stays fast it stays fun- I still don't know how I'm going to render this thing but I'll worry about that after its all animated.

For those that have been following along for awhile you'll know that I launched a kickstarter campaign that failed for this film BUT that didn't slow me down- it actually strengthened my resolve- I see all these other mostly shorter projects with budgets ten to a hundred times bigger than mine that were funded on kickstarter when mine was not- I'm going to finish my film FASTER then all the rest just to prove a point- your budget or the size of your crew is NOT a limitation- your PASSION or lack thereof IS THE LIMITATION.

So if you got a cg film funded on kickstarter and I'm scheduled to finish mine before you (early 2014) you need to check yourself and find your passion because it just isn't there(excuses don't matter)- and if it isn't there then stop lying to yourself and other people- when people put their money down for your project they are believing in you and that is a VALUABLE THING! Don't waste it or take it for granted!

To those of you that have pre-ordered/donated/put money behind my projects I promise to NEVER let you down and I'll work as hard as I have to for as long as I have to- to surpass your expectations hopefully ^_^ and deliver the promised goods= a finished film in a reasonable amount of time.

Well... back to work.