Before you post your film in progress online prepare for this

I posted a little behind the scenes video on my youtube channel yesterday as a sneak preview to people interested in the film- this is the video

Here is a comment it got

Now many of you have probably gotten comments like this on your stuff- I'm just showing you this so you know that it never goes away you just learn to deal with it- the proverbial "Haters gone hate"

At this point in my career these comments just strengthen my resolve ^_^ They just add fuel to the fire that will never stop creating ^_^

I myself have NEVER left a comment like this on anyones work/film- if I don't like something I don't say anything at all- I mean what is the point? If I think I know better and can do something better shouldn't I be doing the thing in question myself instead of complaining about it?

The more you know- the less you learn that you really do know- so knowledge and experience humbles you- Conversely with human beings- The less they know, the more they think they know!

If you're miserable and hate yourself and your life- do something about it- don't try to drag others down like the crabs in a bucket Joe Rogan talks about

If you think my animation and films suck etc- then please do it better and show me! Until then I'm lost without your guidance! ^_^

It sounds kinda douchey but its true- if you know of a better way to do something then do it and show us! We don't want to hear any excuses- if you have excuses then you're probably full of shit and don't really know anything at all.

If yer hatin just to hate and over the age of 30 do the world a favor- but a small barbecue grill- take it into a car with the windows rolled up or other small enclosed space- light the charcoal and take a really long nap as you'll be doing the world a favor- thanks ^_^

Sound cruel? Well I know a few people that were very talented and happy people who were creative once and loved it- and at some point in their lives when they were still maturing as an artist- some hater came along and stamped out their spark- and they were never the same again-

It would have been so much better for everyone if those old crabs took one of those special naps ^_^

So if people hate on your work- know that we're in the same boat- that's what happens to people who get off their asses and decide to chase their dreams! It's a minor bump in the road that in NO WAY stops the great joy, happiness, and feeling of achievement and fulfillment you get from creating your own films ^_^

If everyone seems to be hating on you and doubting you- know that I believe in you! That's how I feel as I know most all of you believe in me! So I'd like to return the favor ^_^

Don't ever let anyone stamp out your spark!!!! Let them live and die miserable as they are- humor them if you have to but don't take them seriously. If you know their miserable/unhealthy why would you take their advice anyway?


If they are not exactly where you want to be- don't listen to them.