Firing arrows into the darkness

If you can see the target.... fire the flaming arrows ignited by your passion and watch it burn brighter and brighter as people in the future meander past-

They may be bewildered still- if then- there's no helping that as you're on to the next target anyway-

Firing at the targets people hold up for you is like playing cover songs- they'll smile and clap when you hit the target in their hands but know that you're performance is forgettable and you're just playing favorites and trying to appease the crowds instead of answering the call of the fire that dwells within you.

The fire won't generate ad revenue for you, no- BUT it gives you something most people don't have- something you cannot buy or borrow- something you cannot attain through any other means.

Most "business" is had through doing what the customer KNOWS and WANTS- its too bad something as powerful as FILM- is being used to pander to people for change for the most part.

It's like using a telescope to look up into your own ass(just browse the post popular videos on youtube or watch the Hollywood Blockbuster of the moment) instead of using it to discover the mysteries of the universe. NOW some might say that FILM is just entertainment- something used to pass the time- to give people an escape- some people also use books as paperweights and decoration instead of reading and learning from them.

I'm going to figure out this film thing in time- until then I'll keep firing arrows into the darkness.

Why succumb to the status quo and melt into an apathetic sea of mediocrity when you can burn bright eternally?