I AM NIGHTMARE Production Diary #7

So after less than a week of production I have 8 minutes of edited animation- I'm currently on a quota of ten shots a day- so far so good!

Here's a pic of my boards I took whilst animating

I printed out some animation reference sheets I found and tacked em up next to the walk cycle ref

The movie is coming out AWESOME and I'm getting through the shots really fast! All the shots I've completed though my last 2 features plus all the short things like Badassery and Darksided have really helped speed up my workflow and the time it takes me to animate- I'm actually amazed at how easy animating this movie is with how good its coming out 0_0

Through doing the work you learn tricks and techniques to make things easier and faster so I guess I have learned a lot of those ^_^

I just got the rest of the voice acting stuff from the voice actors- I have an amazing cast- I'll introduce you to them soon!

It almost feels like my first two films were practice and this is the real thing knowing what I know now-  and I've said it before but this film is sort of a blend of We Are The Strange and Heart String Marionette-

If you haven't pre-ordered the film yet now is the perfect time as I just released the 27 song soundtrack for the film to everyone who pre-ordered it- so you'll get that along with your hand drawn postcard from me. Although as I've been editing the film as I'm going along I realize there is a deficiency in creepy music so Dash or I will have to make some!

Start making your cg movie today! There is no better time!