I AM NIGHTMARE Production Diary #8

Two weeks into production I just finished animating the films first sequence which was 200+ shots and equals 17 minutes of edited footage- Here's some screenshots of the damage M dot does in 2 weeks these days ^_^

Cinema 4d content browser filled with shots 
Cinema 4d project files on disk
edited sequence in Premiere Pro
Now if you've been following along you'll know that I'm not editing with final rendered shots- I'm using hardware renders to do an offline edit- once the entire film is animated I will then go through each shot and render out the final version- so I am NOT doing final lighting OR final rendering right now just ANIMATION and temp renders for the offline edit.

I must say that the voice actors for this film are making it great! And they are making animating to their voices really fun! I'll introduce you to the I AM NIGHTMARE cast as soon as all the voice acting is done! I'm really lucky to have such a great cast!

I'm actually amazed at how fast work goes when you are JUST ANIMATING- it just flies by when you don't have to worry about lighting or the look of the final render- I'll do that later- I'm just enjoying making the film right now ^_^ Animating the film IS making the film- if it doesn't work in this preview state all the fancy lighting/rendering in the world won't help it- So I'm just making sure the animation and visual storytelling is legit- then I'll come back and shine it all up- which I also love to do btw ^_^

So as of right now the film is ahead of schedule- I intend to push the pace so I can have it ready for release by Xmas- NOW this is only the first sequence out of nine BUT it couldn't have started any better ^_^

Backup note: Every day after work I use Allway Sync to back up everything I've done that day- then when I finish a sequence like I did today I do another manual backup to a different hard drive- so I'll have three copies of my work at all times.