My favorite classic anime films free on youtube

I was pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of my favorite old anime films in their entirety on youtube- if you're into darker animation and you haven't seen these- check em out!

Demon City Shinjuku- I used to own the on DVD ^_^ Based on a book written by the guy who writes Vampire Hunter D and directed by the guy who directed Ninja Scroll

Wicked City- I think this film had some of the first tentacle sex strangeness + an homage to The Thing with the final monster in the end ^_^

Jin Roh- I was lucky enough to see this one on film in a cinema

Vampire Hunter D- the old school classic ^_^ D's voice isn't like D's voice in the English Dub but its still cool shit! One of the first anime films I ever saw

Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust- I saw this in a cinema near UCLA on the last day it was being screening, at the last screening and I took the last bus there- seeing this film in the cinema changed my life and made me want to make animated films

Fist of the North Star- the original super buffed ridiculous badass ultra-violent anime

Darkside Blues- this one is very dark and trippy and awesome ^_^

Akira- if you call yourself an animator or fan of animation and haven't seen Akira- you better akS somebody!

The World's Strongest- If you've never seen any Dragon Ball Z this movie is a good introduction

There's a few other classic anime titles that I love in Ninja Scroll and Bio Hunter but I couldn't find those on youtube.