Setting the mood for my "kids film" ^_^

Now that I've animated eleven minutes of the film I have a better idea of what the mood of the film is- I created my part of the film's soundtrack based on the script and now that I have animated a bit of it I realized it doesn't entirely match the mood as I don't have enough creepy or scary music 0_0

I can say now that I am Nightmare will be my funniest and cutest film but also THE MOST TERRIFYING because the first appearance of the monsters came out a lot scarier than I imagined- like serious nightmare fuel staring into your soul scary 0_0

So now the creators of the soundtrack, MadDashiell and myself are creating some creepy music- so if you pre-ordered and received the soundtrack already don't worry it will be updated and sent to you with new creepy songs ^_^

Here's the first little mood piece I've made...

Doesn't really sound like a "kids film" does it? WELL it's an M dot Strange kid's film as reality for a kid today is a lot more fucked than what mainstream animated films like to portray it as.

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