Get your garbage thrash on with KOOL SKULL

So I've known this d00d online for years- his name is KOOL SKULL- he's a dope artist and his newest album is awesome- I just bought it and if yer into edgiest underground stuff from the streets of LA throw KOOL SKULL some dollars on his bandcamp.

The songs are dope and they appease my inner old skool hiphop/chiptune geek.

My favorite song is probably "Cold Pizza"

The hook is "Fuck everything I don't really care- I just wanna eat cold pizza and skateboard to nowhere" If you've ever seen the wastelands in downtown LA known as "Skid Row"- the box cities, the grime- this song really captures that- I imagine some young crazy d00d skatin through those areas with a gameboy in his pocket writin rhymes on street corners eating cold pizza.

"Cowboy Hat" features KOOL SKULL rappin in old skool BIG EGO style "I'm from LA and I'm cooler than you" 

The hook reminds me of the golden age of hiphop where the DJ would scratch on the choruses but instead of a DJ scratching KOOL SKULL rocks on some chiptune stuff with his Gameboy which I think is dope ^_^

Buy the album at his bandcamp page

KOOL SKULL is %100 original, %100 real and his stuff is dope so I support him- if you like these songs drop the man some dollars so he can get some more cold pizza and skateboard to nowhere.