Back on the animating joB

So my two week break in Iceland is over and I'm back to animating I am Nightmare- If you don't relax every once in awhile your mind and body will break down- I have a hard time relaxing when I'm in close proximity to my workstation- So I have to go 5000 miles away from it to relax.

On the flight back I bombed my notebook with new ideas and creepy things

I even storyboarded some new little sequences for parts of I am Nightmare I already animated

And I fantasized about making toys of my characters from We are the strange and Heart String Marionette

I'm just about to go storyboard the shots that I'm going to animate this month- its the 4th sequence of the films 9 sequences- it ends at page 48 of the scripts 102 pages-

I'm pretty sure I can animate both the films 4th AND 5th sequences this month- that would take me to page 60 of the scripts 102 pages and over the hour mark of finished film-

I'll be back animating live on Ustream real soon so follow me on twitter @mdotstrange to be notified of when I'm doing that-

So yeh- I'm back on the job so expect updates, blog posts and all that starting again real soon!