A few lucky people will be eaten by monsters!

I started animating the scenes where I will be using the people who have become animated characters in I am Nightmare- Everyone will be on camera- here is an example crowd shot- the characters without the masks will be replaced with you!

I can already say that since they were the first two people to donate to become extra's - Tim and Jemilla will end up being the two people up front ^_^ AND they will both be eaten by monsters! As will two or three other lucky people!

So I've animated the shots but I haven't made the custom characters yet- I'll do that once the shots are locked then replace these standins with the custom characters

There's still time to be an extra in the film so if you want to donate to help support the production and have your 3d self be in the film click here

I setup the new render PC that I was able to buy thanks to the donations- it renders SO FAST 0_0 I overclocked it to 4.5ghz so its actually faster than four of my old render computers combined!

So thanks again everyone who has pre-ordered, donated, or become an extra in the film! We've got something special going on with this film so I'm happy to have you all be a part of it some way!

Also if you follow my blog you'll know that my cat Boo has been sick and I've been giving him Intravenous fluids every day for the past year- he's weaker and a lot slower but he's still going! As I was animating yesterday he decided to sleep on the script next to my keyboard ^_^