Be an extra in my new film I AM NIGHTMARE!

I've animated over 75 minutes of my new film I AM NIGHTMARE so far but I've render 0 minutes of it- just when I was going to start rendering on my old render PC it died- So I need to raise about $800 to replace it so I'll be able to release the film by Xmas 2013.


So you'll be helping me make the film and be a part of it yourself! Please feel free to share the above image on Fbook or Tumblr or where ever.

AND if you already pre-ordered the film YOU WILL be getting a coupon code to gift the film to friends for Xmas as well ^_^

So what's the difference between this and the pre-order?

They both give you a copy of the film, soundtrack, and a dvd coupon- the "pre-order" gets you a ONE OF A KIND hand drawn postcard drawn by me- the extra deal does NOT. I will be discontinuing the pre-order soon.

P.S. I launched this because 17 people replied yes to my previous survey and thats enough money to get the PC parts I need- thanks for responding honestly yall!