Before I try crowdfunding again for I AM NIGHTMARE

I'd have to let everyone know who has pre-ordered or donated that I really appreciate it and I want to show you the best I can that the funds you donated have gone into the production of the film.

There's been 55 pre-orders for a total of $1,125 raised

Through the donation widget that's been on the site a total of $757 has been raised for the film

So between pre-orders and donations thats about $1900 raised for the film.

I've used almost all the funds to pay the main voice actors on the film- here are the sent payments

So that's a total of $1725 spent on voice actors- I spent the rest upgrading the video card on my workstation- I wrote about the video card some posts back.

So before I start another small kickstarter campaign or something like I just wanted to show you that I'm not wasting the money on bullshit.

Yesterday my one PC that was rendering died- the mainboard is kapUT-

So my crowdfunding goal will be $700 (or $750 so I get $700 after the crowdfunding sites cut) as thats the cost to buy a new CPU, mainboard and Ram to upgrade one render node.

So what should I do? Should I do another kickstarter with rewards like becoming an extra in the film for $50 or something or what? let me know what you all would want especially if you already donated/pre-ordered- what can I do for you?

The sky is the limit so don't think any request is ridiculous- its my film so I can do anything I want ^_^

So please let me know what funding reward would really make you excited to contribute- besides getting the film/soundtrack etc

Signed original storyboard pages? Signed original script pages? Imdb producer credit? Let me know and I'll get this thing goin! Thanks!