I AM NIGHTMARE Production Diary #15

The very first rendered shot from I AM NIGHTMARE
So I've animated over 800 shots so far but up until today I hadn't rendered any. I was chatting with my friend and fellow filmmaker Jimmy ScreamerClauz earlier today and we had a sit down serious talk about rendering- he was all "M DOT you really need to start rendering son" and I made a million excuses like a typical wordpress addict as instead of rendering I've been animating and building websites- I'm a wordpress addict now as I made 4 sites in the past 5 days... look at what my addiction has caused!

I am Nightmare
Heart String Marionette
Rakel Musicbox

Actually I can partially blame this web design addiction on my friend and fellowanimator Krystian Morgan as he was like "hey try wordpress M dot... and check out these themes" and then I got a Themify theme called "BOLD" and I was hooked! Five days of my life disappeared and all I have are those sites to show for it (and about 50 shots of I am Nightmare animated ^_^ )

Before my design binge is over I'm going to make a We Are The Strange site as well in the next few days... but yeah don't worry I've still been doing my daily quota of animation for the film.

Screamerclauz gave me another bit of advice before he drove away on his bloody motorbike

Since I'm worried about render power costs and I'm terrified of running all 6 of my render PC's  because of the potential heart attack inducing power bills- Jimmy said "Hey M dot just render with one PC 24 hours a day 7 days a week muthafucka" and I was all THATS A GREAT IDEA! So that's what I'm going to do- every day I'll add a few shots to the queue and just let it do its thing slowly...

I was so excited after rendering that first shot- its like I forgot that the characters and sets actually have textures and there's like lighting and stuff since I've been editing with the hardware renders.

So after my wordpress addiction subsides I'll do quota double time on the film and get this thing animated and rendered asap!