My work rate on I am Nightmare

M dot be smokin dem shots!
I just did some calculations so I can figure out when I'll be done animating the new film-

In 10 weeks of production so far spanning March 2013 to June 1st 2013 ( I took a 2 week break at the end of April to get married ^_^) 

In that 10 week span I've animated 750 shots which is over an hour of finished film... so that adds up to...

74 shots per week
10.5 shots per day

I also did some calculations to figure out how many shots come out of each page of script- this is how its been going so far...

Sequence One -  11 pages of script- 215 shots animated - 20 shots per page
Sequence Two - 11 pages of script - 147 shots animated - 13 shots per page
Sequence Three- 13 pages of script - 175 shots animated - 13 shots per page
Sequence Four - 11 pages of script - 119 shots animated - 11 shots per page
Sequence Five - 11 pages of script - 106 shots animated - 10 shots per page
Sequence Six - 11 pages of script - 124 shots storyboarded - 11 shots per page
Sequence Seven- 11 pages of script - approx 120 shots
Sequence Eight - 9 pages of script - approx 120-150 shots
Sequence Nine - 7 pages of script - approx 150-200 shots

I haven't storyboarded 7-9 yet so I made those calculations based on what I've done so far- Sequence one and nine are high action so the shot rate is much higher for those.

So I've got approx 450-600 shots left which should take me 8 more weeks to complete-

Sequence Nine is BERSERK and I want to make it awesome so I'm going to halve my shot quota for that sequence and spend 8 weeks on it alone-

So I'll be through sequence 7 at the end of June- then I'll spend all of July and August animating Sequence 9.

Since I started animating on March 1st I'm pretty happy to be more than halfway done on June 1st ^_^

And THANK YOU for the recent Pre-Orders! I drew your postcards and will mail them out on Monday!