New film site up + trailer coming soon!

I've been working on the site for the new film after work the past few days- it's online now and you can go check it out at

I have to thank my friend and fellow animated filmmaker Krystian for turning me onto using pre-made theme's with wordpress. I had never used any content management systems like wordpress before and its FAR more fun and the result is MUCH better than what I could do on my own with html ^_^

Eventually I'll be redesigning this site and I will be making dedicated sites in the same style as the I am Nightmare site for Heart String Marionette, We Are The Strange, Badassery and Darksided+ if I have time I'll do sites for my music, books, Vladko, and the million other things I work on at the same time haha

I'm pretty much going to re-brand all of my stuff online because up till now I've been doing a shitty job of presenting my work online and if I'm going to get where I want to go I need to do that.

I also started working on the teaser trailer for I am Nightmare which will be released some time within the next month or so. I'll be creating the trailer to be in line with the new site- I really need to work on my presentation- so I'm making sure to not just throw unprofessional things up because I don't want to bother with them.

I feel like every other artist/filmmaker is better than me at marketing/branding/promotion- and because I've sucked at it so much I haven't even begin to tap into the potential that my work has- AND THAT'S EXCITING ^_^ Well I also know that many artists/filmmakers have other people helping them with that sort of thing and I do it all myself BUT it's no excuse- because in the end the excuses don't matter.

I still feel like a baby as a filmmaker/animator/artist/business person- I'm still in the infant stages in all those areas- I haven't even begun to tap into my full potential- creatively, technically, or business wise. BUT I'm working towards it slowly- powering up my abilities in all those different areas at different rates of course with the business/promotion/branding lagging behind the others.

I appreciate all the advice many of you have given me in trying to help me promote/succeed with my work even if it made you angry at me because I'm so flaky on that end eh Flinn? ^_^

But just know We Are The Strange was not the only shot I had at success- Heart String Marionette was not my last shot- I am Nightmare won't be my last shot- this is just the beginning ^_^

I've been moving super fast on the creative and technical side of things so that now I can produce a whole animated feature film in one year- and I was moving SUPER SLOW on the business side of things- now that I've got a handle on what is really important in the long run which is the actual making of the work- I can push up my power levels in the other areas.

We live in a time wherein tons of people are AMAZING at getting their voices heard- but for the most part once they get the attention they have nothing to say- I'm not going to be like that- when I get my voice heard I'm going to have something to say- peoples attention is valuable and I'm not going to waste it for any reason.