Reputation as a currency- don't default on your loans

In a real job you're doing it for the money- when making films the way I do no money is guaranteed so you have to be do it for other reasons-

Those reasons have to be important enough to you so that you'll have the desire and will power to grind on it every day for months and years-

Even if there is no money guaranteed there is a type of currency involved- that currency is REPUTATION

If you start on a project and announce it to others you just took out a (reputation)loan with the people who believe the project will be completed- you have gambled your reputation- you have gambled some or all of that currency- the people that believe in you and tell others about it have also gambled some of their reputation-

If this is your first project and don't have other completed ones in your reputation bank that are appreciating in value you could end up bankrupt right out of the gate so be careful! This is why its important to start with small projects and build up to larger more complex ones- don't take out too big of a loan at first!

If you don't complete it you have defaulted on your reputation loan and may have to file for reputation bankruptcy- if you fail you've also caused the people that believed in you and your project to lose currency as well- a bad deal for all those involved-

At this time reputation is a conceptual currency but I believe in the future it will become an actual currency that you can use to trade for goods and services-

So even if you aren't rich with money you can become RICH with REPUTATION-

Once you're rich with reputation it makes it easier for people to lend you actual money because they know you can trusted to not bankrupt them in regard to reputation and money.

So how much do you have in the reputation bank? If its not as much as you'd like then start investing in yourself and build up that reputation wealth for the future!