Sticking to the routine, sick days, writing, new ideaS

Today was one of my rare sick days- I got up and wrote 4000 words for my new book that I'm 15,000 words into in three days because I was inspired by an email I got from someone that read my B_BOOK. They pretty much said that reading the book helped them avoid suicide. So it sent me off inspired on a new book.

But today I did writing for the book then just sat around or tried to sleep with a fever and didn't do any animation as I felt too light headed, hot and crappy.

I feel guilty for even taking ONE day off as I am a self admitted workaholic ^_^

Even if I don't take a day off but are working slowly I start to feel like shit- so taking a day off when I'm not done with the project or on a break away from my computers is really hard for me.

This is what its like when you're OBSESSED with your work.

Or maybe this is what its like when you have OCD and cant break from your routine haha.

Maybe a little of both?

I made a little database in Bento to track animation completion

You'll see that Seq 5-8 are spotty as one of the voice actors was unable to record for a month or so- So I animated around their lines- I did all the shots that didn't have their character voices then as soon as I get their voice parts I'll go back and fill them in.

The "days to do 10, 15, 20" is how many days it will take to animate the remaining shots with daily quotas of 10,15, or 20 shots a day.

I did get the rest of the voice work for Seq 5 today so I'll finish and take that to %100 tomorrow.

I'm still waiting on one voice for Seq 6 and am missing several for 7-9

I already animated the shots I could for Seq 8

So if I don't get any more fill in dialogue for the sequences I already started in 7,8 then I'll move on and start animation sequence 9.

The thing I already remember is this quote I read in some book somewhere haha

Don't let the things you can't do stop you from doing the things you can.

I'm missing voices for some of the sequences so I'll animate everything else possible until I get those voices then I'll go back and fill them in.

So yeah I started writing this book as I've been meaning to write a new one for some time now. On a recent flight back from Iceland I sat next to this woman and during the whole 7 hour flight I was talking most all the time haha BUT this woman was very much interested in what I had to say. It wasn't about film or animation it was my perception of reality and how we can change it. She asked me if this topic is what I speak about and write books about and I was all "No" and she said "maybe it should be" and at that moment I was like HAVE I FOUND MY THING?!

So this book that I'm writing is like sitting next to me on a transatlantic flight and hearing my spiel about how we can change our perception of the world for the better ^_^

Also in the past two weeks I got this idea out of nowhere for a website/app/online service that doesn't exist and I believe it can change the world for the better. I was shocked to find that no one is doing it. My aim is not profit but social change and I believe this site/app has major potential- everyone I've pitched it to was like WHOA?!

It has nothing to do with film/art/animation- I've never really used my creativity/imagination for the purpose of trying to create social change but this time I did and I'm pretty excited about it.

I'm planning it all out now and got the domain- I'm going to write a white paper on it as well- and once its all hashed out I'm going to hire a programmer to help me build it.

I'm not going to say much about it until I have a working prototype but you can be sure that I'll ask some of you to be the first to test it out ^_^

So yeh a rare sick day, movie coming along, book coming along, big ideas I'm not sure how to execute but its fun to be in a totally new space.