Nearing the end of I AM NIGHTMARE production

So now there is only 20 shots left in the I AM NIGHTMARE production- I'll do those 20 shots tomorrow-

Then I'll animate the opening credits and go through the edit of the entire film and make notes about what shots to fix, adjust, redo and I'll create additional shots- then I'll animate all those too this week-

So by September 1st there will be no more animating for I am Nightmare- September will be all lighting and rendering so I'll be able to focus solely on that- I work better when I can focus on a specific process-

I was hired to do a new music video for Mindless Self Indulgence about a week ago- so while I'm lighting and rendering shots for I am Nightmare in September I'll also be animating that music video-

I have two other side projects to complete in October as well- so BUSY BUSY BUSY ^_^