Starting is the hardest part

I sat down to start animating the final sequence for the new film and I started to feel the familiar antsy feelings- an inability to sit still- the desire to do anything else but sit still and start the work- it sort of makes you feel like a lunatic-

As Steven Pressfield describes in The War of Art- this is the resistance- its fear-

Why are we so afraid to start?

To start you need to make decisions- you will have to commit to something- and we feel fear because we're afraid we might make the wrong choice- we feel great pressure to NOT make a mistake-

I believe this is why its so hard to start something- because of all the pressure to not fuck up-

This causes most people to freeze up and quit- and let one of those distractions become their focus- their excuse to not do the work.

Starting IS the hardest part BUT once you commit and start moving forward the pressure starts to fade- it doesn't disappear instantly- it usually takes a day or two of full time working on something for me to rid myself of this pressure and fear-

Once you start on a path there's no more pressure because the commitment is made-

So my advice is- if you have adequately planned and prepared for the task- whatever it may be- AND don't let planning and preparing become procrastination of the "I'm not ready yet" variety- if you have prepared the best you can without being an OCD perfectionist psycho- the sooner you commit to a direction and start the better.

It might not be the right direction but by committing to it you'll figure that out- if it all stays in your head you'll just get lost in swirling indecisive thoughts and not move- you'll freeze up. So just commit to something and GO!

Its unbearably awkward and uncomfortable at times- like a million thoughts manifested as insects crawling all over your brain and under your skin and they're all doubting and laughing at you- imploring you to stop and do something else- ANYTHING ELSE.

These feelings are what has probably pushed a lot of writers and artists to alcoholism- they have to numb themselves to mask the fear to move forward- now I have a beer now and then but I don't allow it to become a crutch.

So just know that if you feel like a complete loser and inept idiot when you're trying to start something- thats just how it is- thats how I've felt and I've always felt- we just have to power through it.

There's nothing wrong with you so don't let those feelings try and single you out- just commit and move forward! The sooner the better!