Winner vs. Loser filmmaker mentality

I've come across a lot of filmmakers and wannabe filmmakers in my time and I've seen these traits over and over...

First let me define "winner" and "loser" when it comes to indie filmmaking in my opinion-

A winner = someone who makes films and continues to
A loser = someone who doesn't make their films, a quitter

So its that simple- if you proclaim yourself a "filmmaker" and you don't make films then you fail.

Now here's the traits I've seen time and time again-

A winner does their best with whatever they have
A loser doesn't even try because things aren't ideal

A winner encourages other filmmakers
A loser tries to tear them down

A winner is motivated by passion and possibilities
A loser is motivated by fear

A winner plans and prepares and is realistic with goals
A loser self sabotages and gives up before they even start

A winner blames them self for their failures
A loser blames everyone and everything else but them self

A winner looks for sources of inspiration
A loser looks for excuses to quit

A winner serves the audience
A loser serves their own ego

A winner lets go of past failures
A loser never lets go of past failures

A winner appreciates what they have
A loser complains about what they don't have

A winner gets started as soon as they possibly can
A loser waits and waits until the opportunity is missed

A winner comes up with their own original ideas
A loser steals other peoples ideas

A winner is happy for other peoples success
A loser is jealous and spiteful at others success

A winner knows that failure= letting down the audience
A loser feels sorry for themselves and doesn't consider the audience

A winner doesn't let the things they can't do stop them from doing the things they can
A loser looks for any and all possible reasons to quit or not start

A winner meets challenges head on
A loser cowers in fear and freezes

A winner is motivated by their passion to make their film
A loser is motivated solely by potential profits

A winner uses their own cinematic voice
A loser has no cinematic voice of their own

A winner is excited by new possibilities
A loser believes that everything has been done already

A winner inspires others
A loser drags other people down
These are just traits I've observed- indie filmmaking seems to be filled with some of the whiniest, wimpiest people around 0_0

If you don't have the GUTS to get your film made by any means necessary then its probably not worth watching anyway.

If you DO have the GUTS and WILLPOWER to get it made then I'll be the first in line to see it ^_^