Your film is a message in a bottle to the world.

Your film is a message in a bottle to the world.

The bottle is the world you create, that your film takes place in.

The messengers are your characters.

When the audience pays and sits down to watch your film they are pulling the cork out and unrolling the message.

What does your message say? Whom is it for? Is it something they've heard before? How does it make people feel? Why? What are you saying and why?

Will your message help people? Will it give them hope or despair? Why?

This message in a bottle will float through time eternally after its creation- it will be opened by an untold number of humans and other life forms- so you better UNDERSTAND what your message says and WHY- that is unless your just spamming bottles to make a buck or get popular.

The world has enough of this spam- say something that matters and that will stand the test of time.

I mean wouldn't it feel good to help/entertain a life form in the year 3001?