Day one of I am Nightmare Post Production

(Thanks for all the kind words and good energy for Boo- I stuck a mini katana in the ground where I buried him and burn incense there to honor the little guy)

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” ~Kenji Miyazawa

Now today I start the first phase of I am Nightmare post production-

I'll be taking the shots that have been animated and edited using hardware renders and I will light and render them-

All 1,439 shots have been animated and the offline edit has been locked- the final film with titles and all is 2 hours 6 minutes long as you can see from the master timeline below

So my one render server/render node is waiting to start its major work ^_^

So I'm going to try to light and send to render all 1,449 shots this month which would mean I have to get through 50 shots a day- I just have the one render pc so I know its not going to be able to keep up with the number of shots I'll keep adding to it everyday- I'm scheduling 60 days for rendering- So as long as all the renders finish by the end of October everything is good-

In between lighting and rendering I'll be finalizing the musical score and doing the sound design for the whole film- All the pieces of the score are already done I just have to smooth out the transitions and I'll be doing live musical elements on top of the score using Ableton Live and my trusty old APC40 like in this video

A sound designer had stepped forward to volunteer doing the films sound design- I gave him a sample scene that was a few minutes long a few months ago but I never got the work back- so if its taking him months to do a few minutes I doubt he could do 2 hours of sound work in one month BUT I know I can do it- so be it ^_^ I'd like to collab with others but until I have the budgets to pay people I can't expect anyone to work fast on projects there is no upfront payment on- (Anyone who worked on the film as cast/crew will be a part of the affiliates sales program wherein they can get %50 of sales they cause- so there is a back end incentive) But of course up front GUARANTEED payment is the best-

I have to thank and give major props to Mad Dashiell my co-collaborator on the I am Nightmare score- he's come through big time ahead of schedule so thanks bro! ^_^

In November I'll start compositing shots and doing those final renders out of After Effects-

So the next 3-4 months will be crazy!

So lets hope the renders are fast and the tech problems are minimal!