I am Nightmare Post Production Diary #1

If you've followed this blog you know that I use quota's in all phases of my filmmaking-

So this month I'd like to light and send 1,450 shots to render-

That equals out to about 50 shots a day that I need to get through- so I made up and printed out these sheets-

So as long as I cross out a block of 50 boxes a day I'll finish on time- So I got through the first day of boxes today- but it wasn't easy 0_0

Having those worksheets seems to quiet my anxiety and nervousness about being able to finish on time- I know that as long as I cross out a bloc of those boxes a day then everything is alright and I don't have to freak out and work 24 hours straight haha-

So now my render PC is rendering away-

My workstation renders about half the speed as my render node- I optimize my shots so that they render at like 30 seconds to 2 minutes per frame on my workstation- so that means they render from 15 seconds to one minute per frame on my render PC which is really fast!

So the frames render pretty quickly- there's just a lot of them 0_0

I'm kicking myself for not using Xref's for my character models because after finishing animating the film I realized some changes needed to be made to the characters textures/shaders- not thing that I could simply fix by replacing a texture- I had to create a couple python and coffee scripts to fix those things- I couldn't fix everything via script so I have to do a few things manually-

Here's my checklist of things I have to do for every shot before I light it

So I have to be a repetitive tweaker the next month to get it all done- I'm sure going to be happy when this work is all done and I can composite all the shots 0_0