Is the collective unconscious the master blockchain?

This post refers to digital currency like Bitcoin and the collective unconscious from Jungian psychology...

So right now you can turn your cpu/gpu cycles (or asic) into currency by mining one of the various digital currencies- the price is paid by you in the cost of the electricity or energy required to do the mining- there's also time involved-

ANYONE with access to a computer and the internet could be turning energy and time into digital currency- into something of value that can be traded, sold, shared etc-

Most people are not doing this BUT the blockchain is out there waiting for you to utilize it-

I'm a cg animator so a lot of the time I'm sitting here waiting on renders- wherein a few pc's are running special software that renders my animation frame by frame-

I was watching the render clients render the frames to my new film and I thought- maybe what they are really doing is mining this imagery from my imagination? OR perhaps they are helping me mine the imagery from the collective unconscious THE MASTER BLOCKCHAIN.

Our "imagination" allows us to create tangible things out of nothing- out of thin air- perhaps the ideas are floating around up there for anyone to access much like the blockchain but unless you start mining you will never pull anything out of it?

For what I do- I need to start thinking about a particular subject or idea- I need to start using my brain's cpu cycles to mine- once I've spent enough time mining a particular idea it becomes fleshed out before me as now I've mined an idea coin-

Then I use various tools and technologies to help with with the mining process- the cg software- these render clients-

At the end of the process I have an animated film that I can trade, sell or share with others- its the currency of my imagination- a coin I have mined from the collective unconscious perhaps?

ANYONE with a working mind can mine ideas and turn them into a commodity- realizing them and sharing them with others gives them value- much like how the acceptance/trading/selling of a coin gives it value-

When people talk about "wasting their life" it usually refers to something they wanted to do but they didn't- when people talk about "wasting their time" it usually refers to time spent without an outcome or an expected reward-

Lets say we all have access to a different part of the master blockchain or a different part of the collective unconscious- in order to not "waste your life" or " waste your time" you need to MINE- you need to mine ideas and realize them-

Much like a digital currency if other people share or appreciate your mined goods- it makes you feel like your time and life was well spent- sharing these mined ideas gave your life value- it helped you avoid "wasting your life"

We can look at mining coins the same way- if you have a powerful pc sitting around that you didn't use for mining coin you could feel that you "wasted the life" of your PC- you "wasted its time" 

If our mind or our imagination is our "PC" are we wasting its time and life by not mining ideas and realizing them so that we can put them into circulation?

By reproducing physically are we simply creating additional workers to help us mine the collective unconscious?

So perhaps the collective unconscious is the master blockchain? Encrypted data- an algorithm we don't fully understand yet?

Perhaps all the coins won't be fully mined until every person on the planet starts mining? Survival needs prevent us from dedicating time to mining- hopefully new advances like cryptocurrency will change the world for the better and allow us to use our cpu cycles to mine all the coins?

Then what? Who knows but its giving me plenty of ideas ^_^ Thanks for reading