Pretty pictures from my new movie (compositing I am Nightmare)

So as of now I'm composited 45 minutes of the new film- almost halfway- It's going pretty good so far-

I'm really happy with the look of the film- I used really simple low poly models- basic, mostly badly hand painted painted textures ^_^ and simple atmospheric manual lighting setups- the 3d render times were pretty fast- about 20 seconds to 3 minutes per frame-

Compositing is going really fast- I can do 35-95 shots a day- speed depends on whether I need to generate After Project files or not to track in my 2d skies- check this video to see my process

If I squint most of the shots look like they're stop motion- which I was going for so I'm happy about that ^_^

The simplicity and flaws of the models + the imitation resin shader I made helps sell the stop motion look-

I was stoked when I saw this comment on the films teaser trailer "Looks Like an Awesome Stop Motion Film"

The thing I didn't do that would have helped sell the look even more would be too dirty up the models- I didn't use any grunge maps or baked AO or hand painted dirt to make them look more realistic- I'll do that in future projects-

It's been fun to work with daytime scenes for the first time- I'm enjoying compositing all the different looks- there's daytime stuff, sunset stuff, and of course night time scenes- and a special "nightmare" look-

I should be done compositing everything in another week and a half I'd say-

My wife @Rakelmusicbox has been helping me with stuff a lot too as well- She made all the extra's models (you all are going to love the versions of you she made ^_^ ) and she started on the sound design- so when I get to that she'll have done the most tedious part- all the foot falls- and she also cut a trailer for the film thats WAY better than what I could ever do 0_0 So I'm glad to have her helping with the film!

Since the Xmas deadline is probably going to be missed by a few weeks I feel sort of bad about that BUT I realize a lot of super low budget projects like mine get delayed by YEARS not weeks so its not such a big deal-