Starting my own online cg filmmaking school in 2014

If you've followed me for some time you know that I've wanted to get serious about sharing what I've learned about cg filmmaking- I tried to start it a few times but the technology/tools just weren't there yet or cheap enough for me to do it without funding BUT the time might be right in 2014-

My wife just started attending Animation Mentor so I've been checking out their curriculum and how they run their school- technically its not an complex as I'd though it would be-

NOW I'm NOT A PIXAR animator or someone on that level technically BUT those peeps don't make their own cg feature films alone which takes a much more diverse skill set and very different work experience SO I am the one to teach that- So if you want to learn how to make your own full length cg films than I'm the one to teach you ^_^

If you're not familiar with how it works- they have prerecorded video tutorial/lessons that you download and watch- then you have a "live Q and A" with an animation professional who looks over your work-answers questions etc-

I recently started doing webinars for Moviola in which I'm doing a live lecture and presentation like this one and next month I'll be doing a tutorial based on where I'll lecture and work in Cinema 4d at the same time

So after doing that first moviola one in which it took me about 1.5 hours to prepare an hour long presentation that got great feedback from the audience- I was like HEY this is pretty easy?! I should an in depth series!

The thing that used to be expensive was the site/software required to do a live video Q and A but it seems the thing to use is Google Hangouts- and its free so now there is nothing stopping me!

I'll use the same service ( I use to sell downloads of my film to sell the tutorial series

So I know I've been saying that I have been going to do this for awhile but now I actually know HOW I can do it- thats all I need to do things- I just need to figure out the framework and workflow then I go!

The first course that I'll put out- that I've already started is a Cinema 4d basics course- then I'll move on to "intro to cg filmmaking" and so on....

After making these 3 feature films I've learned a lot so I have a lot to share with people!