What's next for Mysterious Doll Studios?

My latest feature film I AM NIGHTMARE has been delivered to pre-order customers so it is officially done and has shipped as Seth Godin says-

It will be officially released on February 14th from iamnightmarefilm.com- I'll release a new teaser trailer every Monday until then- with the official trailer being released on the day of release-

Everything I make from now on will be released under the name "Mysterious Doll Studios" as I'm getting into videogames, my own school, more music, books and other things that aren't films AND I may be producing other peoples work as well- hence the Mysterious Doll Studios name (It still has my initials ^_^)

So in the immediate future I have to create all the stuff for the official release of I am Nightmare- I have to make the "making-of" video and I already recorded a "Lets Watch I am Nightmare" video that will act as the "commentary" for this film- that will all be done by Feb 14th

After that I have some commitments to fulfill in the form of original music for a film WELCOME TO NORMALITY and a music video for KOOL SKULL's "Cold Pizza"

So I will be doing those already- but besides that- what do you want me to put out next? Place your vote below and I will do as you command ^_^

What do you want M dot Strange to put out next?
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Badassery is LONG due for a new ep 0_o and so is Darksided- I have several episodes already written for each- I have a bunch of new "bad joke" eps written to BUT I'll do whatever one gets the most votes-

 I'd like to thank everyone that pre-ordered, became an extra in or donated to I AM NIGHTMARE- based on the feedback I've gotten from some of yall so far its what you wanted so that makes me happy ^_^

 Fuck the critics and the film fests and all that bullshit- if you like it that's all the matters to me as I know I'm doing it right.