Learning Unity3d day three

So I've been plowing through tutorials and reading/researching for three days now-

The "how to make a video game" picture is becoming clearer to me- I'm starting to understand the workflow which will really highlight my strengths and weaknesses in the new space for me-

I've just been learning and experimenting- trying to figure out how all this stuff works together

A friend recently recommend me read the book "How to fail at almost everything and still win big" I haven't gotten it yet but he said the author says that learning ANYTHING can help you succeed in the future- on that note let me share something with you from my past that helped me understand some of this game scripting stuff-

So before I did any 3d at all I worked as a web designer and primarily used Flash + Dreamweaver- I recently found an old flash site I made back in like 2001- its a really strange thing called NES 3001- download it here Just double click on the "index.html" to run it in your browser

Anyway I used action scripting to make that site- I was never an action script expert BUT as I was going through a Unity3d animation tutorial some of the functionality reminded me of working in flash

So just like in flash you can set little event markers on the timeline and when that point is reached you can execute things- in flash I was mainly using it to jump around the timeline but in Unity you can execute scripts and do all kinds of cool stuff- LONG  STORY SHORT- me building that random website way back when has helped me learn this new stuff- and I'm sure all my experience as a solo cg filmmaker and musician will help too ^ ^

As I'm seeing the complexity of scripting and making truly interactive games I'm going to slow down a bit and make my first formal "game" project just a 3d walkthrough of some creepy place I'll build with just some simple interactivity- I was so stoked just learning how to make objects play sound/music or trigger particle effects through user input haha-

So yeh I'm going to keep my first project SUPER SIMPLE and I'll make it available for Win and Mac so you can explore my first crappy gaming experiment haha

I haven't gotten into the serious animation tools in Unity yet- but I learned how to design and create all the assets/ light them/ do basic scripting and export a playable game- its REALLY easy with Unity- I was shocked 0_0

Its going to take some time getting used to Unity's render engine as I'm used to rendering with Cinema 4d's render engine with all sorts of post trickery AS well as creating stuff that is easy on a players cpu and gpu- I'll probably go back to my old blocky styles as box colliders + low cubes are a lot easier/faster to deal with than more realistic geometry

So yeh I'm guessing in two weeks I should be able to put together a creepy little level for people to explore- it'll be a fun first project-